When you need to rent a self-storage unit, you might not be sure how long you'll need to use it for. A lot of people rent these units when they're moving to a new place, or when they're doing remodeling on the home they already have. Having a home built or downsizing can be other good reasons to need space in a storage facility, as well. No matter your reasons for wanting to store some of your things, with a month to month rental you don't need to worry about having a commitment you aren't comfortable with. If you need to get your things out sooner than anticipated, or you have to leave them longer than you expected, there won't be any problems. 

You can simply let the facility know if you need to get things earlier, and keep paying if you have to leave them longer.  Medina Mini Storage requires a 30 day notice that you'll be ending your lease. 

Without the need to sign a big contract for a set period of time, you have more freedom with the storage facility and less to worry about while you're moving, remodeling, or otherwise needing to store your things.


Upon signing your lease agreement Medina Mini Storage will give you, your access code to your storage unit.

Self-Storage units are rented on a 2 month minimum and then month-to-month basis. Your rental can be for a short or long period of time. After the 2 month minimum, there is no obligation to rent a unit for longer than one month, however, it is common that tenants keep storage units for several years. In most circumstances, monthly rent is due each month unless a prepayment option is chosen. There are two prepayment options available, a 5% discount option is available if you prepay for 6 months. There is a 10% discount option if you prepay for 12 months. Click here for more information.  


There is a one-time administration fee and security deposit upon signing the lease agreement.

Click on the Downloadable Forms Button below to get the Medina Mini Storage Forms.

Medina Mini Storage Forms is in PDF format. If you are having any problems filling out the forms you can try a couple different options. 


1.  Click on File, Export as PDF, it will ask you to save it, then you can reopen it, fill it out and finally send it *.

2.  After the form is open, right click and open the PDF in Preview, Click a line on the form, type your text in the field after your finished, save*. After your form is saved you can go to share then email it. 


*If you want to sign your form with your signature there is a add a signature to a PDF. Click the Sign button,  X__Mary__, then drag your signature where you want it.  You can also create your signature in trackpad, your computer's built-in camera and iCloud.